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What is MUSL?

MUSL (for Myriad Users Score Library) is a collaborative Web server, in which musicians who use Myriad products, especially Harmony Assistant, share their musical work with the visitors.
The Web pages in each user space can be viewed by everybody, and their music scores can be displayed and played on computer or smartphone.

How to contact the author of a score?

In the toolbar of each score, this icon lets you send an e-mail to the author, if the latter enabled this feature.
A dialog area also enables the visitors to write comments at the bottom of each page, if the author wishes. These comments are public.
If the author didn't authorize any of these two methods, we can then consider that he do not wish to be contacted. It is therefore useless to ask us to forward your message to him.

What is MYRIAD?

Myriad Software was established in Toulouse (South-West of France) more than 20 years ago. From our beginnings, we have been designing and distributing quality software, and offering innovative services, based on the active participation of the users, collaboration and sharing (more details here).
In the music domain, either for copying scores, composing or arranging, a whole software suite is available, and in particular:
- Harmony Assistant is a complete and powerful score editor, enabling to input, play and print music scores.
- Melody Assistant is a simplified version of Harmony Assistant in which some advanced features are not included. The differences between Melody and Harmony Assistant are described here
- Virtual Singer is an additional module for Harmony or Melody Assistant, that makes the computer actually sing the song lyrics.
- The GOLD Sound Database is a set of high-quality digital sounds, that improve the audio rendering of the Myriad products.
- PDFtoMusic and PDFtoMusic Pro enable, from a PDF file generated by any music software, to rebuild the score and play or export it.
- Melody Player (freeware) is a small application that let you view and play the music scores created by Harmony / Melody Assistant, as well as Midi, ABC, MOD, S3M, XML and MXL files.

How to create my own space on MUSL?

Each user creates and manages his space directly from Harmony Assistant. No special technical skill is therefore required.
You must own a license for Harmony Assistant, and have installed the most recent versions (all updates are free of charge). Then, click the "User space management" icon in the "Edit tools" palette.

Copyright and legal framework

Myriad provides the technical infrastructure and the hosting service that enable the members to publish their score on the Internet. Each member remains fully responsible of their space content. In no event Myriad or its employees can be taken responsible of any infringement to the copyright rules and regulation. Insulting, libelous or offending comments are strictly forbidden.
In case of infringement to these principles, after a report to has been issued, Myriad is bound to remove the pages in question from the public view in due diligence.
If you wish to use a work displayed on a member user space, please read the conditions of use that could be specified by the author on his space front page, or contact him to get his agreement. If no clear indication or way of contacting him is provided, or if you don't receive any answer from him, then consider that you are only authorized to play the work in a personal and private circle.



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